[Review] Cedar Point - Top 10 Roller Coaster Ranking in 2024

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Ratings Best Travel Date Cost Length


May - October $90 1 day

TLDR tips:

  • Pre-purchase Holiday Bundle prior to opening season for $49 (free parking and meal)
  • Fast pass is highly recommended if you are only visiting one day
  • Single rider option are available for faster wait time
  • General park tips:


  • Ticket: $49 (pre-purchase holiday bundle at the same price for savings)
  • Parking: $30 (included if purchased Holiday Bundle)
  • Food
    • Drink and Snacks: $15
    • Lunch at Cedar Point: $15 (included if purchased Holiday Bundle)
    • Dinner at Bay Harbor: $50
  • Total: $90-$130


This blog is a blend of a travel review and a roller coaster ranking.

I love a good thrill and nothing beats the rush of zipping around on a fast roller coaster. I like the big drops and quick turns that get my heart racing. Theme parks like Universal Studios and Disneyland are great, but sometimes their rides are a bit too calm for me. Plus, the long lines can be a bit of a downer.

But then, there’s Cedar Point. It’s huge, covering 364 acres, and it’s got more than 16 roller coasters. That’s a lot more than most parks. It’s right next to Lake Erie, so the views from the top of the rides are amazing. It’s the perfect place for someone who loves a bit of adrenaline.

I live pretty close, just about two hours away, so I’ve been going there every year for the last three years. I’ve tried almost all the rides, except for the Top Thrill Dragster, which they’re updating to Top Thrill 2 since it closed in 2021.

Best Route

Cedar Point is pretty big and some of the rides are kind of similar. So, if you don’t have a lot of time (like if you have to drive 4 hours back to Columbus, Ohio), you need to plan your day right. On busy days, you might have to wait 45 to 75 minutes for a ride, so you might only get on 4 or 5 rides. But if you go on a quieter weekday, or if you have a pass that lets you skip the lines, you can go on almost all the rides.

The park is laid out in a circle. There are some really cool coasters you’ve got to try. You can go around the park any way you want, but I usually start with the big ones like Top Thrill 2, Millennium Force, and Maverick to avoid the crowds later in the day. If you’re not ready to jump into the big thrills right away, starting with the less intense rides is just as fun.

Walking Route

  • Location A: Front Gate
  • Location B: Raptor
  • Location C: Valrayn
  • Location D: Gate Keeper
  • Location E: Rougarou and Millennium Force
  • Location F: Maverick and Steel Vengeance
  • Location G: Gemini
  • Location H: Magnum XL-200
  • Location I: Top Thrill 2

World Records and Awards

Top Thrill 2:

  • No. 1 Tallest Steel Roller Coaster
  • No. 1 Longest Steel Roller Coaster Drop
  • No. 2 Fastest Steel Roller Coaster
  • No. 21 Overall Ranking for Steel Roller Coaster

Millennium Force:

  • No. 2 Overall Ranking for Steel Roller Coaster
  • No. 5 Longest Steel Roller Coaster
  • No. 6 Tallest Steel Roller Coaster
  • No. 7 Longest Steel Roller Coaster Drop
  • No. 7 Fastest Steel Roller Coaster

Steel Vengeance:

  • No. 3 Overall Ranking for Steel Roller Coaster
  • No. 7 Longest Steel Roller Coaster


  • No. 13 Overall Ranking for Steel Roller Coaster

Magnum XL-200:

  • No. 18 Overall Ranking for Steel Roller Coaster

My Top 10 Ranking

1. Top Thrill 2

Image Credit: WGRD, Top Thrill 2

Constructed TBD
Height 420 ft (130 m)
Drop 400 ft (120 m)
Speed 120 mph (190 km/h)
Inversions 0

I will always regret not trying this ride back in 2020. Not only was it ranked the tallest and the longest drop roller coaster, but it was also ranked number two for the fastest roller coaster. So statistically, it is a must-visit ride (although it is short in duration).

When I finally had the courage to give it a shot in 2022, which was my last visit, it was unfortunately shut down due to an incident.

The roller coaster will be rebranded as Top Thrill 2 in the near future.

2. Maverick

Image Credit: WKYC, Maverick

Constructed 2007
Height 105 ft (32 m)
Drop 100 ft (30 m)
Length 4,450 ft (1,360 m)
Speed 70 mph (110 km/h)
Inversions 2

The Maverick holds a special place in my roller coaster ride journey. Although it is not ranked highly in the world of roller coasters, it is by far the smoothest and the most fun ride I’ve had. It is one of the hottest attractions in Cedar Point for a reason. The entire ride’s turns and acceleration are at the perfect tempo, making it the best ride I’ve experienced.

3. Millennium Force

Image Credit: CP Insider, Millennium Force

Constructed 2000
Height 310 ft (94 m)
Drop 300 ft (91 m)
Length 6,595 ft (2,010 m)
Speed 93 mph (150 km/h)
Inversions 0

Millennium Force was ranked the number two best roller coaster in the world in the overall category back in 2019. It’s almost perfect in every aspect. Be prepared to be amazed by its scale and height (close to 100m) and also be prepared to wait since many people will be in line for it.

4. Steel Vengeance

Image Credit: Incrediblecoaster, Steel Vengeance

Constructed 2018
Height 205 ft (62 m)
Drop 200 ft (61 m)
Length 5,740 ft (1,750 m)
Speed 74 mph (119 km/h)
Inversions 4

Steel Vengeance is ranked number three in the overall roller coaster rankings. Being one of its kind, a hybrid coaster constructed with both steel and wood, it’s a new creation and a joyful ride.

5. Gate Keeper

Image Credit: Coaster Gallery, Gate Keeper

Constructed 2013
Height 170 ft (52 m)
Drop 164 ft (50 m)
Length 4,164 ft (1,269 m)
Speed 67 mph (108 km/h)
Inversions 6

The Gate Keeper is on the list because it is special. With its name, it’s not hard to figure out that the coaster actually goes through Cedar Point’s front gate. It’s the very first roller coaster that everyone will see, and it’s a lot of fun too.

6. Magnum XL-200

Image Credit: Theme Park Tourist, Magnum XL-200

Constructed 1989
Height 205 ft (62 m)
Drop 194.7 ft (59.3 m)
Length 5,106 ft (1,556 m)
Speed 72 mph (116 km/h)
Inversions 0

Magnum, in my opinion, is the little brother of Millennium Force. It resembles Millennium Force in almost every aspect of its track, with only more family-friendly stats.

7. Valravn

Image Credit: New Altas, Valravn

Constructed 2016
Height 223 ft (68 m)
Drop 214 ft (65 m)
Length 3,415 ft (1,041 m)
Speed 75 mph (121 km/h)
Inversions 3

Valravn is another thrill coaster featuring one of the tallest, fastest, and longest dives in the US. It was newly constructed in 2016 with amazing speed and the right amount of inversions.

8. Raptor

Image Credit: Theme Park Review, Raptor

Constructed 1994
Height 137 ft (42 m)
Drop 119 ft (36 m)
Length 3,790 ft (1,160 m)
Speed 57 mph (92 km/h)
Inversions 6

Raptor is an inverted roller coaster (it travels below the track). It’s mildly thrilling in all aspects, making it a good starter ride.

9. Gemini

Image Credit: Coaster101, Gemini

Constructed 1978
Height 125 ft (38.1 m)
Drop 118 ft (36.0 m)
Length 3,935 ft (1,199.4 m)
Speed 60 mph (96.6 km/h)

Gemini is on the list because it features two tracks with the blue and red trains racing against each other. It’s also a wooden roller coaster and one of the oldest tracks still in operation. It’s a lot of fun to experience the racing aspect and see which team wins; the winning team gets a prize (cheers).

10. Rougarou

Image Credit: Toledo Blade, Rougarou

Constructed 1996
Height 145 ft (44 m)
Drop 137 ft (42 m)
Length 3,900 ft (1,200 m)
Speed 60 mph (97 km/h)
Inversions 4

Rougarou, similar to Raptor, is your standard roller coaster that is mildly thrilling in all aspects. It’s pretty good as a starter course and won’t give you a headache or fright with only 4 inversions and a medium 60mph speed.

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